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How can we serve you?

How can we serve you?

At Alliance IV Therapy MD, our mission is to provide the highest quality of healthcare, particularly in the areas of functional medicine, IV nutrition, diagnosis, education, and treatment. We aim to treat and teach our patients–whether they are one-time or frequent visitors–so that they can capably manage their health and wellness goals. Our uniquely formulated IV drips, IM shots, and functional medicine services are all geared toward patient empowerment. At Alliance IV Therapy MD, our medical doctor, and team strive to promote holistic and more natural treatment methods. We want our patients to confidently take charge of their wellness, balance, vitality, longevity, and overall health… and we are honored to assist them!

We deliver personalized solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in primary care and functional medicine, we apply our proven success and knowledge at Alliance IV Therapy to offer IV and intramuscular nutrition as the most physiological effective way to obtain results for health and wellness.

IM Shots

Our intramuscular shots are perfect for athletic recovery, pain relief, or cognitive improvement.

Functional Medicine

We offer functional medicine services–such as acupuncture, hormone replacement therapies, and specialty testing.

IV Therapy

Uniquely formulated by our medical doctor, our IV therapies treat a multitude of conditions–chronic to acute, preventative to therapeutic, simply dehydration to complex deficiencies.

Ready to get started?

Revitalization and recovery are coming your way!