IV Therapy

About IV Therapy

Alliance IV Therapy MD offers numerous IV therapy treatment options. Utilizing our medical-grade glutathione drip, we provide support for the following deficiencies: antioxidants, immune system, metabolism, tissue building and repair, and cellular function. With these specially formulated IV treatments, whatever area of your health that needs a boost will certainly receive one!

Here at Alliance IV Therapy MD, our IV therapy options are as diverse as the health conditions we treat. Our drip formulas range from preventative to therapeutic. From med-grade glutathione to hydration drips, these treatments assist in improving brain function, heightening relaxation, and replenishing vitamin C.

Our IV formulations can also help patients with acute conditions. Drips that aid in recovery from dehydration, hangovers, or infections are all formulas that you can take advantage of. 

We treat chronic conditions as well, such as nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, and menopause. Dr. Rengifo and our staff are trained to handle these chronic ailments gently and effectively. 

As you can see, our IV therapy options are practically limitless. Whatever you’re suffering from, our team will work with you to discern which IV treatments will be most helpful… You’ll be well taken care of here at Alliance IV Therapy MD!