IM Shots


Alliance IV Therapy MD doesn’t just offer IV therapy. We provide intramuscular shots too! If you’re not sure what these shots entail, think of a vaccine or flu shot that you get in your arm… except we aren’t going to be using IM shots for those reasons. For our purposes, and yours, Alliance IV Therapy MD offers IM shots to help patients who are in need of improving their wellness levels, primarily for athletic and cognitive performance.

The major benefit with IM shots is that the medicine is absorbed quickly since it is injected directly into muscles or intravenously. Administered by our trained nursing team, these shots offer relief to people who don’t have time to sit down for an IV drip.

Some common IM shots we use consist of antibiotics. In terms of athletics, we provide IM shots to aid in recovery and pain management. These shots can also extend to pain relief for older injuries that are prone to flare-ups.

For cognitive improvement, we utilize IM shots to stimulate areas of the brain. This can help with the management of mental illnesses as well.

If you’re not sure if you need an IM shot or an IV drip, our team is happy to offer our guidance and expertise… After all, serving you and helping you get the best possible treatment and care is what we love to do.