Functional Medicine

About Functional Medicine

At Alliance IV Therapy MD, we also specialize in providing functional medicine services. These services can be described as more functional and natural approaches to wellness and healing.

Instead of simply relying on medications to alleviate symptoms, functional medical services work to discover the root cause of a patient’s ailments. From there, our team works with you to determine how you can holistically pursue wellness. Lab testing and lifestyle changes work hand-in-hand to promote your health and well-being.

You’ve probably heard of these treatments before, but just didn’t know what they were called:

Acupuncture, hormone replacement therapy, and specialty testing are all types of functional medicine services—all of which we provide at Alliance IV Therapy MD!

Functional medicine highlights a lifestyle change and looks for the root cause of a disease, instead of just treating the symptoms. Based on scientific labs and testing, this approach can be more natural and sustainable than traditional pharmacological treatments.

These unique treatments can be extremely beneficial for patients who have fallen into a pharmacological tailspin: you take one medicine, but that gives you side effects that force you to take another medicine, and so on. Stepping back to a more natural, biologically-based holistic approach to health and wellness can be beneficial to both the mind and body.