Health starts with a strong heart!  Our Formulation for cardiovascular health provides cardiovascular support to help you relax your blood vessels, which promotes lower blood pressure and can even address symptoms of erectile dysfunction via the nitric oxide pathway. Also, it helps to regulate how blood vessels contract and dilate, collaborating in the electrophysiology of the heart.

The Composition:

Calcium Chloride:  Calcium helps with the normal functioning of muscles, nerves, and cells in the body, in addition to promoting healthy bones. 

L-Arginine: Classified as amino-acid.  Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.  Acts as a vasodilator, meaning it helps to dilate (open) the blood vessels increasing blood flow. 

Amino Acids Blend: Help improve metabolism speed, decrease muscle loss, and burn fat more quickly.

Magnesium Chloride:  A mineral that is important to almost all bodily functions, it’s key in maintaining the function of the heart, muscles, nerves, cells, and bones. 

Minerals Blend: This essential blend of minerals can help reverse the effects of dehydration, remove toxins and replenish vitamins.

Possible Benefits:

  • Reduces High blood pressure
  • Reduces symptoms due to Coronary artery disease
  • Reduces symptoms due to Peripheral arterial disease
  • Improves Diabetes

Cost: $199