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Alliance IV Therapy MD

How many of you start the day like this:

You’re jerked awake by the ringing of your alarm. With a grumble and a sigh, you get ready to start the day. Primed and polished for the work-day ahead, you sit down for breakfast—a bowl of cereal with a side of pills. Head foggy, you swallow them with a gulp, but the relief won’t come for a few hours… and it’s off to work you go.

Does this sound familiar? There’s got to be a better way, right? Waiting for oral meds to take effect—waiting for pain relief, vitamin boosts, clear-headedness, and energy—isn’t a daily struggle you need to endure.

So, we’ve found that better way.

At Alliance IV Therapy MD, you won’t be waiting! By replacing slow-to-digest oral supplements with IVs that supply instant nourishment exactly where relief is needed, you’ll be able to tell a big difference. Your energy levels, your mood, and your healing will all be thanking you.

Our holistic approach to wellness ensures that you’ll be provided with the utmost quality of care, all for a reasonable cost. We function as direct primary care or self-service facility, so no outrageous insurance fees are required! Our diverse IV therapy options cater to a wide array of ailments and conditions—from acute to chronic, preventative to curative, med-grade glutathione to simple hydration drips.

Furthermore, we have Intramuscular (IM) shots to aid in pain relief, injury healing, and cognitive enhancement. Beyond this, we offer functional medicine services—acupuncture, hormone replacement therapy,, and specialty testing—to promote more natural approaches to healing.

With our team being led and supervised by a certified medical doctor—which is a rarity in this IV therapy industry—you’ll be receiving the best care that this better way can offer.

So, no more getting out of bed with a wince and grumble, or taking slow-acting oral supplements as your breakfast appetizer. At Alliance IV Therapy MD, you’ll never have to wait for that betterness again… because the better way is here.

We deliver personalized solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in primary care and functional medicine, we apply our proven success and knowledge at Alliance IV Therapy MD to offer IV and intramuscular nutrition as the most physiological effective way to obtain results for health and wellness.

IM Shots

Our intramuscular shots are perfect for athletic recovery, pain relief, or cognitive improvement.

Functional Medicine

We offer functional medicine services–such as acupuncture, hormone replacement therapies, massages, and specialty testing.

IV Therapy

Uniquely formulated by our medical doctor, our IV therapies treat a multitude of conditions–chronic to acute, preventative to therapeutic, simply dehydration to complex deficiencies.

Ready to get started?

Revitalization and recovery are coming your way!